•    Is it a HOT SPOT??   YES!
•    Spewing volcano, glittering glaciers? YES!
•    Is it a breeding ground for adventure? YES!
•    Can be beautifully scenic to downright dirty? YES!
•    Will it give you an itch for more action?  YES!
•    Is it a world of leisure and luxury?  YES!
•    Promoting harmony between body, mind and spirit?  YES!
•    Is it clean and safe?  YES!
•    Only 2-4 hrs from mainland Europe? YES!
•    Only 5 hrs from N-America?  YES!
•    Making it easy for you to come and go in style?  YES!

So stop wondering! Take a deep breath!

...And come to Iceland

For further information please contact  Reykjavik Incentives at incentives@ri.is